Richard Hayes, Jr.

A $4.6 Million Dollar Translator?

Here’s the blurb from Radio Only:

“The pace of translator deals may’ve (sic) slowed this year, but the past month has brought a run of near-record setting deals. In a sale that shatters the previous record price paid for a translator, Elroy Smith’s Integrity Radio Communications will pay $4.6 million for a Chicago signal. But brokers say sale is unlikely to reset the translator market.”

$4.6 million dollars for a translator?  Am  I missing something or are translators still secondary facilities which are unprotected?  Yes, they are secondary!  That means that a primary station (full power FM, for instance) could relocate in that area and completely knock the translator off the air…rendering the value of the translator to ZERO.  I would feel comfortable in assuming that there are not many new frequencies available in Chicago for a displaced translator to go.  I agree that this sale won’t reset the translator market so don’t start thinking that your translator is now worth millions.  Trust me, it is not!  One crazy deal does not reset a market.


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