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The FCC has mandated that television stations make their Public Inspection Files available on the Internet.  Radio stations are rumored to be next in line to comply with this new regulation.

License renewal time is the best time to begin the transition to an online Public File because all stations start with a clean slate after their licenses are renewed.  Whether the FCC eventually requires radio stations to make their files available on the Internet or not, it’s a wise idea to have us manage your file, electronically.

The “screen shot” of a typical, electronic Public File, shown on this page, is a “locked” Public File.  In other words, only those with the password can view it.  If the FCC mandates that radio stations must make their files available on the Internet, the only change would be to eliminate the need for the password.

Electronic Public File – PROS

  • Instantly view the contents of your Public File from any device.
  • We do all the work – you focus on making money
  • We setup your Public File and maintain it
  • You receive quarterly reports reminding you of missing documents
  • FCC approved and tested in the field
  • Avoid the minimum $10,000 fine for failing to maintain the Public File.

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