Richard Hayes, Jr.


Know Your Market
Market Demographics for Broadcasters

Radio faces tremendous challenges in this rapidly changing technological marketplace. Many believe that radio stations need to be more indispensable to the people they serve; not just juke boxes…that they must go back to being 'live', and that they need to be 'local'. It’s not just about formats, anymore. It’s about serving your local market in new and exciting ways.

Who is your market? What ethnic groups are represented? Where do they live and work? How much do they earn? How far is their morning commute? Do they own their own homes or do they rent? How many of them are there and what are their lives like? The information provided by StatComm answers all of these questions and about 430 more! If you plan to talk to these people every single day, you need to get to know them very well or the things you are talking about may not matter.

StatComm is an app which makes it easy for broadcasters to obtain demographic data and it’s tailored for radio stations. StatComm combines the publicly available databases from the FCC and the US Census Bureau to produce detailed demographic profiles for all AM, FM and Translator radio stations in the United States.

Why do you need StatComm? Because, you can make money with it!

StatComm is provided without charge of any kind but I request that your use be reasonable. The privacy policy is simple. It’s all private. No tracking, no ads, no sharing of data.

StatComm is easy to use.

"Serving the legal needs of small and medium market broadcast station owners for over thirty years"